Advantages of adding Personalized Learning to your Training Program

Advantages of adding Personalized Learning to your Training Program

According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, 83% of executives cited that improving employee careers and transforming Corporate Learning is essential.

However, modern-day learners want the flexibility of being able to “pull” the required resource rather than being “pushed” to a generic one. Therefore, the Learning Management Systems (LMS) should emphasize on offering a personalized learning experience to your learners.

Personalized learning refers to instruction in which the pace of learning, instructional approach, instructional content are optimized as per the needs of each learner. And, learning activities made available are meaningful and appropriate for learners, driven by their interests and often self-initiated. Thus, when employees get exposed to personalize learning, they engage and participate regularly.

Let’s find out the crucial benefits of adding personalized learning to your training program:-

Improves workplace communication

A personalized learning experience makes employees feel valued and inspires them to communicate and ask questions more openly. This not only encourages collective learning but also creates a significant platform for discussions and collaborations.

Enables skill advancement

Organizations can identify the robust and feeble points of learners by applying personalized learning and, also help them to unlock their maximum potential. This type of training develops a broader understanding of a subject or topic as learners keep visiting the learning content frequently. For example, employees undergoing Product Sales Training can also enhance their knowledge of product design to comprehend the product USPs, and it’s selling points.

Encourages self-directed learning

Due to the adoption of a personalized approach in Executive Development Programs, employees can figure out their own learning needs and create an apt strategy to meet them. Thus, by aligning your LMS program with your employees’ present needs and their past learning behavior, you can build an environment of self-directed learning in your organization.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

A well-defined career path supported by learning and development initiatives is an attractive benefit to job seekers and, a good reason for employees to continue with a job. An effective customized learning approach should focus on the end-user with content specifically geared towards what employees need to know. This would lead to a better user experience around learning which ultimately results in more engaged and loyal employees.


Forbes recently published an article on seven learning and development trends to adopt in 2019, which recommends that organizations are switching from content-oriented training to a learner-centric model to increase the effectiveness of their programs.

Thus, Human Resources is gradually shifting it’s focus from a “one size fits all” method to considering individual needs, wishes and capabilities through a tailored approach to training. This is an ongoing process that must evolve as the organization grows and changes. Implementing such initiatives can certainly benefit businesses with an empowered employee base leading to higher productivity and organizational success.

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