• Course Description

    Leadership is similar to a full-contact sport and like any sport, mastering it physically, emotionally and cognitively is what leads to success.

    Rapidly changing markets, technology disruption and the challenges of collaborating with up to four generations of employees, are only a few of the conditions facing leaders today. Only those who are grounded and believe in their abilities to deliver are an asset in such times.

    Humans are hard-wired to seek consistency and predictability. With consistent action and intention, a leader can achieve growth and evolution. The APEx program is all about getting results that matter to organizations and individuals.

    The program is delivered in two parts –

    Part 1: Knowledge to Insights – This involves classroom sessions that introduces the concepts and sets the tone for delegates to move to Part 2

    Part 2: Coaching Sessions – A. Insight to Action – These sessions will provide delegates with adequate skills and action points to practice and hone up their skills. B. Doing to Being – These sessions will equip the delegates to raise questions about themselves, handle their own challenges and address “cobwebs” in the head.

  • Course Objectives
    • Understand what Achievement Orientation is, how it impacts success in Business and explore the beliefs that hold back Achievement
    • Explore Obstacles: Internal(to self) and External (in the environment)
    • Recognize “What's stopping me now?”
    • Gauge what's working for me now and what else should I be doing?
    • Plan how to use the lessons learned to move forward.
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