• Course Description

    A social transformation is taking place in organizations worldwide. Leadership practices are moving from authoritarian to collaborative, from fear-based to strength-based, and from “talking to” people, to inquiry and dialog “with” them.

    The newest buzz word in all this is “Appreciative Leadership”.

    Appreciative Leadership is the relational capacity to mobilize creative potential and turn it into positive power—to set in motion positive ripples of confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and performance—to make a positive difference in the organization.

    While traditional leadership focuses on problems, Appreciative Leadership focuses on potential, improves organizations and individuals by finding out what is working well and tries to get more out of it. It aims at getting the best out of people who are engaged in a system or a situation.

    Appreciative Leadership exists at all levels and in all positions of an organization. It resides among employees as a force for elevated performance and positive change.

  • Course ObjectivesBy completing this course, delegates will be able to:
    • Understand the Five core strategies of Appreciative Leadership
    • Lead with positively powerful questions
    • Bring out the best in people and situations
    • Engage with people to co-create the future
    • Make a positive difference
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