• Intensive Bank Analysis

    The goal of this interactive and case-based course is to provide delegates with a structured approach to analyzing the credit risk of banks.

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  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

    This is a highly interactive and comprehensive course for both banks and other regulated institutions and practitioners alike.

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  • Banking and Financial Analytics

    The financial services industry is dealing with record amounts of data, so smarter analytics will increasingly become the competitive differentiator among financial service companies.

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  • Private Banking

    This course provides for an ideal opportunity for private bankers and advisors to gain the skills and understanding needed to formulate client-driven and innovative strategies.

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  • Taxation for Wealth Management

    In today’s complex world marked by interdependent markets, global interests, and changing tax requirements, it can be
    difficult to advise a client on the taxation aspects of their wealth.

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  • Wealth Management

    The wealth advisor plays an invaluable role in helping clients choose the proper investments in which to invest their hard-earned savings not only to maximize returns but also to manage risk and address financial goals.

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