• Course Description

    Data-driven information tends to speak to people’s intellect, while stories stir their imagination and reach their feelings. That’s what makes stories such a powerful tool of engagement and motivation. Skilled storytellers use their words to color what could otherwise be bland, boring, black and white information.

    Stories influence, persuade and sell. They improve the bottom line. They engage attention by stimulating the imagination and senses of the listener. It looks easy but it’s actually rather complex.

    Understanding the dynamics of storytelling will help you deliver your business messages in a compelling way. You don’t have to be a natural born storyteller to become an effective storyteller. Like most things, storytelling is a learned skill. It’s much more about craft that it is about talent.

    During this Corporate storytelling course, delegates will learn how to use stories to establish a connect with the audience, highlight a solution to a need, and link content to life on the job. Course delegates will explore how and when to use stories, storytelling models, storytelling mistakes, and practice delivery skills.

  • Course ObjectivesBy the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
    • Discover their own innate storytelling ability and understand why stories are the most powerful communication tool
    • Bring facts and figures to life
    • Learn storytelling techniques to create compelling examples
    • Use the story structure to make presentations dynamic
    • Learn techniques for delivering your message with impact and also for handling an audience that is resistant to your ideas.
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