DMAT – Develop Mental Agility and Toughness

DMAT – Develop Mental Agility and Toughness

  • Course Description

    Have you ever wondered what makes someone a good athlete? Or a good leader? Or a good parent? Why do some people accomplish their goals while others fail? What makes a bigger impact than talent or intelligence?

    “MAT” – Mental Agility and Toughness. Just think, in a world where Change is Non-Linear, Failure is an integral part of Life, Success is not Permanent, what does it take to not “Just Survive” but “To Flourish”.

  • Course Objectives

    By completing this course, delegates will be able to:

    • Understand that Mental Agility and Toughness is about habits, not motivation
    • Access the 10 Habits of MAT
    • Know the Mind & Body connection
    • Incorporate stress/recovery into all aspects of life
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