Effective Ways to Build an Unstoppable Sales Team

Effective Ways to Build an Unstoppable Sales Team

Sales success comes from the perfect balance of good quality human interaction and appropriate use of supplemental tools.” – Deb Calvert

It is possible that you have an apt winning strategy, the most advanced technology, and processes available to support the strategy; even then to achieve the sales success, an appropriate team of professionals would be required.

Building the right sales team can be quite challenging. It should comprise of a group focused on infrastructure and operations to ensure end-user satisfaction and thus, play a vital role in future growth. All of these would need dedicated professionals with exceptional selling skills.

To begin with, it is important to first assess the team, go for the most suitable methods for facilitating sales training.

To evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team, certain factors may be considered, such as the value proposition, clarity in the sales process, plan for sales growth, measures to track sales effectiveness, sales compensation, etc. These factors would give an overview of the functional ability or potential of the team, thus, enabling them to devise a strategy for the sales training. However, it is essential to keep revisiting these crucial factors time and again, since the sales training needs to evolve with the change in the market scenario.

After carefully analyzing the team, adopt the right format for effective sales training. There are a plethora of options available. A startup company may choose to opt for short courses, workshops while for a successful running company, a qualified and highly experienced consultant may be required.

Conferences are vital for networking, as it helps to learn from the established leaders as well as to remain updated regarding the market. Also, conducting internal team testing is a fantastic way to train your sales team about real-world applications.

Important Sales Training Essentials For a Successful Team

The sales training programs must cover everything, right from creating an effective sales plan to getting over the fears of rejection, staying motivated, etc. Every component of the sales training helps your team to grow and progress further.

Here mentioned are some of the basics:-

Becoming an effective listener and empathizing with the Customer

According to a Greek Philosopher, Epictetus, “we all have two ears and one mouth, which should be used in proportion.”Active listening is an important skill required for the success of a sale. During the sales process, a prospective buyer puts forward their demand, describes their problems, etc. Therefore, actively listening to them helps to resolve their issue and also develop a trustworthy relationship with the customer. Apart from this, sales also require empathy and the ability to think instantly and act accordingly. Since great salespeople go beyond simply solving their customers’ problems and in fact look for problems their customers are ignorant of.

Identifying bad customers and dealing with fear

The team should know in which direction to go about and contribute accordingly. Time wasted after the wrong prospects can crush the sales efforts and damage the company. Therefore, adequate training is required to identify good or bad customers.

Getting in touch with an unfamiliar customer to sell a product might involve a lot of uncertainties. Hence, the fear amongst the sellers is natural. This is where the team needs to be trained well, to handle the fear. They must be made more confident and friendly with the customers.

Following up with the customer

Regularly following up with the customer is very important. For this, the team should decide on the frequency for the same and know all the techniques to track the messages. They should use their own judgment in taking every step with respect to following up, which may depend upon the sales process.

Closing the deal

It is undoubtedly one of the most significant elements of sales training. In the last-minute emergencies, it is common to panic and make promises that would be difficult to fulfill. To tackle such situations, the salespeople should be taught to take the sales away


In the market arena, there will always be new problems to combat, which would require the latest techniques and well-planned strategies to deal with. So, a structured sales training program would be effective in building a sales team that can bring higher profits by enhancing sales.

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