• Course Description

    Leadership lessons through Music is a distinctive program that uses music, as a tool to enhance leadership, performance, and change. During the workshop, the emotive power of music, the musical process and its metaphors are woven into proven management theory.

    Where many leadership development and training offerings can be typical and conventional, this workshop facilitated by a pioneer and specialist in this field offers a differentiated, refreshing and engaging approach. There are some unique traits of leadership and teamwork that can be imbibed through music. The facilitator uses the concept of melody & harmony as a key element to lead teams towards synergy and a common goal.

    This program demonstrates and represents the art of partnerships and collaboration between diverse and cross-functional groups through the medium of Indian classical music and universal seven notes. It is structured in an innovative modular format which takes the audience through the theme of creativity through music, the art of partnership & collaboration, fusion & assimilation all of which are key change drivers in the business environment.

    All of the above themes would be demonstrated via a series of compositions in genres of Indian/Western classical, Indo Jazz, Folk, Bollywood and world music based on the theory of the “Universal seven notes”. This program can be a part of leadership/Strategy meet, an ongoing learning program or an alternative employee engagement platform.

  • Course ObjectivesBy the end of the course, delegates will be able to learn:
    • The science & art of music and the context of music
    • Music & creativity - Creating more with less via the universal seven notes
    • The art of partnerships & collaboration - Performance-based session
    • Musical activity on the nuances of cross-functional synergies.
    • Fusion & assimilation as a key leadership & change driver.
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