Top 10 news: May 2019 week 1

Top 10 news: May 2019 week 1

Either hiring the young ambitious employees or the professionals from the industry, does using conventional HR approach support the business? The answer is Big NO, …Read More

With new age digital technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning making their way towards the era, learning & Development cannot stay behind, …Read More

High IQ will get you hired. But Emotional Intelligence will ensure that you get promoted. Emotional intelligence is a vital leadership quality, and employees with higher level of emotional intelligence are more likely to be productive, …Read More

Creating a system that is consciously versatile -rather than HR solely focusing on functional services such as recruitment, transformation is required towards nurturing values that promote productivity. …Read More

Unveiling another round of policy, Google launched a new internal website to address employee concerns about misconduct at the workplace establishing a “workplace filled with dignity and respect”, …Read More

With the advent of robotics into workplaces, the importance of preparation and having a strategy for employees to work alongside AI should not be underestimated, …Read More

Companies with a solid strategy to recognize team members enjoy stronger engagement, increased employee morale, better customer service, and lower turnover. Added bonus and a well-planned employee recognition program can be boost retention, …Read More

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to continuously communicate expectations, to define duties, and to help people accomplish strategic objectives. If you want to be great at performance management, learn the little secret, …Read More

The success of a company doesn’t depend only on managers but also their team members. Managers need to support their team for every minor and uphill task, …Read More

With the transformation is the dynamics in the workforce, organizations are revamping HR policies which suits the coming generation. The good news is that companies are now paying attention to health and wellbeing of employees, …Read More

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