The Mystifying Secret – Blueprint for Growth

The Mystifying Secret – Blueprint for Growth

  • Course Description

    Do you wake up in the morning excited about living one more day?Do you believe you have a life path charted out as per your wishes?  Or are you simply taking every day as it comes?

    What happens to our dreams, hopes, and plans? Why is there so much disparity between what people intended to do and what they actually accomplished? Is there a magic mantra that some people have access to?

    Explore these questions and many more in our webinar “The Mystifying Secret – Blueprint for Growth.”  We will take you through a process of self-assessment and a discovery of your dreams. There will be a guided journey towards personal growth, and if applied daily and with sincere conviction, will ensure that you are able to soar higher than you ever imagined.

    Unlike a lot of initiatives that fade with the passage of time, we will guide you through a 30 days plan with weekly reviews and a final evaluation.

    Remember, a well-built ship is not enough. One needs a journey map and a captain to steer the course.

  • Course Objectives
      This webinar will help you to -
    • Take stock of your life and chart out your goals
    • Define success in your own terms
    • Create an action plan of measurable and realistic goals
    • Be responsible for your life and steer its course
    • “There is nothing noble about being superior to some other person. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self.”
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