• Course Description

    Applied Theatre in corporate training and development is not about creating actors but about achieving corporate objectives through theatre. This is accomplished by working on the intellectual, conscious and subconscious levels. Theatre creates a stronger connection between the people who experience it and accelerates the behavioral learning process.

    Types of Theatre based Programs

    • Forum based Programs
    • Involves professional “business actors” who perform scripted scenarios in learning areas white the performance is moderated by a facilitator 
    • Actors and participants interact with each other through a Q &A in order for delegates to understand the characters and motivations better. Traditional facilitator-led discussion follows                                       
    • Actors come in again and start performing the same play, this time ‘directed’ by the audience in order to take the situation towards positive closure
    • Drama based Programs
    • Uses tools and techniques from drama to make participants more self-aware and effective                                      
    • Experiential Learning driven through drama-based activities and games

    Why theatre-based training?

    • Creates an unforgettable experience by accessing emotions and imagination.
    • Raises employee awareness through education and reflection.
    • Ensures a high level of retention, thereby delivering an exceptional return over investment.
    • Gets delegates on their feet and actively engaged, making them experience learning rather than just demonstrated to.
  • Course ObjectivesBy completing this course, Training with Theatre:
    • Enabling Effective Communication
    • Situational Leadership and Conflict Management
    • Teamology
    • Smart Speak
    • Business Storytelling
    • Coaching and Feedback
    • How to become a Camera Friendly?
    • Presentation Skills
    • Creative Learning
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Interviewing Skills
    • Transactional Analysis
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