1.Significance of Blended Induction and Onboarding Programs

Blended induction and onboarding programs deliver both a 100% ILT on one hand and a total eLearning training strategy on the other. This type of learning program helps promote the organizational culture in several ways. Click here to find out!

2.Core Benefits of Visually Interactive Courses

It is a well-known fact that an average student learns better through visuals than basic theory. Besides, graphs, pictorial illustrations, and other statistical information help to spice up the monotonous learning process. To learn more about the advantages of Visually Interactive Courses,click here

3.Boost Employee Skills Development With“Competency-Based Learning”

Competency-based learning promotes individualized learning. It accommodates multiple learning styles and levels of engagement. Thus, it promotes a competitive advantage. Most importantly, it doesn’t concern itself with the learning journey but pursues the final outcome.Read further to know more

4.‘Worry, fear, self-doubt, imposter syndrome’aresome examples of the kinds of thinking that don’t help us

The world is changing and evolving rapidly, and humans need to evolve with it. For this reason, it’s not enough to simply train people in the skills of critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, and so on. Thus, L&D program needs to upgrade. Read on!

5.Leverage “Gamification” to train your workforce and customers

Gamification is a popular strategy amongst L&D teams across all types of corporations. By incorporating the concept of game mechanics into your online training courses, you can create engaging learning experiences on all levels.Continue reading for more info.

6.Leadership is ‘inspiring others to achieve exceptional performance’

To cope with the speed of change, today’s leaders may need to partially unlearn or relearn some traditional ways of thinking. In fact, the new ‘good’ or the most beneficial traits of today’s leaders need to come from the less tangible areas of leadership.Learn more

7.There is nothing wrong with silos. The actual problem is isolation!

Functional silos is a great idea to bring all the experts of a field together, and cluster their expertise to identify the most specialized solutions. However, the difficulty is not knowing where to dissolve the silos and encourage cross-functional conversations. Read on to comprehend more

8. As per a 2019 Deloitte report on Global Human Capital Trends,” rewards mean more than money for employees”.

The report highlights that employees today are on the lookout for more personalized rewards that are aligned to their needs. Moreover, as remote working and virtual teaming are gaining popularity, differentiated rewards and recognitions are more important than ever to foster a sense of belonging for new-age employees. Keep reading

9. Empathy, Creativity &Confidence – Top 3 soft skills for a tangible increase to the business profit

Fostering an empathic culture within your business will go a long way to helping colleagues resolve conflict,reducing time spent on managing interpersonal issues. While creativity is a powerful ability to come up with new solutions, that has a huge benefit to any business.Read further

10. Peter Guber says, “Purposeful storytelling isn’t show business, it’s good business.”

Storytelling demonstrates concepts better than simply stating them directly.It pavesthe way for effective communication through emotions and connections. Therefore, it can be auseful tool to impart complex technical skills and thus help achieve the learning objectives. Click here to reveal more

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