1.Emotional Intelligence – AnAbility to perceive, express and understand the emotions 

Emotional Intelligence is a fantastic way for the sales team to gain commitments from clients and strengthen relationships. It consists of a set of skills such as self-awareness,self-regulation,internal motivation, social awareness, and social regulation.Read more

2.According to poll, 90% of people conveyed they had experienced workplace bullying

In the U.S, workplace bullying is legal despite it being similar to illegal harassment. A lack of social and emotional intelligence is one of the major reasons for people engaging in such activities.To know more about bullying in the organizational environment Click here

3.Work is the most significant cause of stress for American adults, according to The American Institute of Stress

One of the significant causes of stress is work.To deal with it, recognize stress when it occurs, observe yourself without judgement and relax. This will certainly serve to be beneficial in managing work stress. Click here

4.According to Global Knowledge’s “IT Skills and Salary Report,” skills gaps have increased to 155% since 2016, impacting 79% of IT departments worldwide

Lack of necessary skills is the largest threat to information technology (IT). IT skill gaps lowers quality outputs, leads to security risks and causes delays in launches and migrations. To learn tips on preventing skill gaps. Read further

5.According to the BCWI study (released earlier this year), women’s representation rose from 31% to 33% amongst the 100 Best Companies in 2019

The leadership of the organizations participating in the 100 Best Companies initiative guaranteed that it is possible for every Indian company to achieve a 50-50 gender balance, which was previously considered quite challenging. Keep reading for insights!

6. Gig world is gradually changing the way people work

A gig economy is a free market system in which organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.The future holds vast possibilities for suchan economy, as organizations and employees are inclining towards independent work dynamics.Learn more

7. 88% of workers in a national survey by Cancer and Careers said they have concerns about their ability to support a co-worker with serious and/or chronic health condition

Chronic illnesses can be a sensitive topic in the workplace and this is clearly reflected in the responses gathered by Cancer and Careers. Employers that show empathy and sensitivity toward their workers are demonstrating their sense of ethics and potentially boosting their retention rates.Continue reading!

8. The crucial link between L&D and Internal Communications

Communicating with a multigenerational workforce across agile teams, struggling to engage employees, and measuring effectiveness are some of the common issues related to L&D professionals. Tailoring your message for your audience and reinforcing the message can help improve learning Click here to know more

9. Obstruction related to effective L&D implementation

Over the last two decades, there has been an explosion in the range, power, and accessibility of tools to help us communicate and learn. However, most of our current L&D activity is driven by populism, cost, and HR’s passion for simplification Read further to know more!

10. The Gallup State of the American Workplace Report (2018) stated 37% less absenteeism, 90% less turnover, and 28% less safety incidents in organizations with higher employee engagement scores

Employee engagement initiatives should go beyond protecting the bottom line. These should motivate your employees to do their best every day. Encouraging employees to become brand ambassadors,enabling remote working, investing in gamification, etc. are some of the fresh Employee Engagement ideas for 2020 Read on for more tips

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