1.Advanced HR tools designed to simplify work

A number of HR tools have been created to improve productivity and to automate HR processes. For example,TextioHire,shows you words that you need to use to attract people you want to hire.Read on!

2.Women make up to merely 6.6% amongst Fortune 500 CEOs

Women’sunderrepresentation at senior ranks in an organizational set up is a hard reality. Woman-to-Woman mentorship could be a significant solution to this problem. Leaders within L&D can also help shape up mentorship programs.To know more, click here!

3.According to a study by HP, 46% of respondents indicated that they would only work for organizations with sustainable business practices

An increasing number of job candidates are determining whether to join an organization or not, based on their sustainability-approach. Therefore, Sustainable practices are no longer a good-to-do, they are a must-do for businesses.Keep reading for details!

4.Tips to resolve Gender Bias issueat the workplace

Transforming the problem of gender bias in the workplace requires multiple systematic approaches. A systemic approach must comprise of appropriate resource allocation, including an adequately funded team working with a Chief Diversity Officer.Click here to find out more tips!

5.Train-the-trainer Program for Instructors

Train-the-trainer (T3) program providesa unique opportunity not only to train facilitators on program content but also to evaluate that content in real-time. The first rule of train-the-trainer events is to treat your facilitators as you would have them treat your learners.Read more

6.Significance of L&D for an Organization

Developing your people through L&D is key to helping your business thrive rather than just survive. Once your L&D road map is ready, you may start off by adding a clear structure and several milestones to it.Read further for insights!

7.Dislocation, Disconnection, and Discomfort leads to Discovery

If you are dislocated, disconnected and discomforted, you are ready to learn intensively. You discover innovative ideasand see things from a different perspective. Thus, getting out of your comfort zone opens you up to innovative concepts and fresh experiences. Learn more

8.Informal learning is very powerful

Nowadays, Informal learning is growing in popularity. This is becauseclassroom learning is only a small part of the total learning required to operationalize the knowledge and skills of trainees. To learn more about Informal Learning, read further!

9.Ways to attract and retain top talents in an Organization

To attract and retain well-performing employees, you need to devise a performance review program,keep your employees’ options for career development open, encourage two-way communication,and introduce employee feedback process etc. Click here for more tips!

10.Tips to develop a Learning Organization

A Learning Organization is capable of creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at alteringits behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights. To build a learning organization, experimentation, systematic approach to problem-solving is required. Read on!

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