1.Learning and Development in 2020

Learning and development of the workforce have been the talk of the town for quite some time. However, the new challenge for organizations in 2020 is, designing new strategic workforce plans.Click here to know more about L&D!

2.According to a recent Capgemini Report on Emotional Intelligence (EI), over 76% of executives agreed that AI and automation will increase the demand for EI skills 

Emotional Intelligence comprises a whole set of skills that shows emotional and cognitive depth in handling complex and unstructured territories of business processes. EI skills like persuasion, social understanding, and empathy will soon become an important part of businesses.Read more

3.Most organizations portray that they care for their employees, but in reality, their health programs are like any other tick-in-the-box health initiative 

A number of organizations are trying to bring focus on organizational wellness, but they remain in the minority. Also, most of these organizations wrongly assume that ensuring the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of their workforce is a capital-intensive exercise.Learn more

4.Ways to structure Mentoring Programs 

Mentoring is an excellent way to develop talent. An important part of structuring mentoring is making it accessible to all employees, clarifying program outline, exploring different formats, building mentoring support systems, etc. For more tips on structuring mentoring programs,click here

5.According to a 2019 SHRM report “The Global Skills Shortage,” top three soft skills missing in job applicants are problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity

If companies are struggling to find employees with these skills, then talent development professionals need to train them using an effective methodology. These methods may include pausing to understand the other person’s perspective, validating the perspectives, etc.Read further for the insights!

6.Significance of outsourcing Sales Training 

Sales training is a crucial factor in developing a high-performing sales team. Outsourcing Sales Training improves ROI, training quality and enables you to customize training according to the best practices etc. Find out more about the importance of outsourcing sales training

7.According to a survey conducted by MetLife (US), 76% of employees surveyed agreed that employers are responsible for the health and well-being of employees  

Employee stress levels are on the rise, necessitating the inclusion of mental health benefits. In 2020, companies will have to zoom out and capture a bird’s eye view of how their benefits fit into employees’ larger wellness targets.Continue reading for more info!

8.Departing with a good mentor on a positive note 

It can be difficult to bid goodbye to a good mentor and a positive mentoring relationship. But, it is detrimental to push the relationship beyond its natural stopping point. Therefore, coming to a mutual agreement is way better. Read beyond to know more

9.Need to include apprenticeships to your staff structure

With more businesses opting to hire apprentices and then mold their skills, integrating apprenticeships to your staff structure is an ideal way of ensuring you have the right staff, with the right skills at the right time. Click here for details!

10.Employment challenges faced by the new generation in India

As a result of Technological growth, there is a need for highly skilled workers; however, the disparity in mainstream education due to gender discrimination, caste discrimination, and other significant barriers fail to create skilled workers.Continue reading!

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