1.Cultural Impact on L&D Training

Culture is about how we behave, how we were raised, and it shapes and influences how we see and understand the world. It is linked to employee engagement and the ability to learn, and thereby, has an impact on L&D Training as well. Read more..

2.Diverse Learners’ need in a Corporate Environment

Timely performance enhancement sustained skill development, and compliance or regulatory obligations are some of the crucial requisites of learners in an evolving corporate environment. Along with catering to these needs,an organization’s learning platform must enable employees to locate the right resources quickly.Learn more..

3.According to a McKinsey Report, a majority of the gender-diverse organizations are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability

Women and men undergo different kinds of experiences and therefore, their points of view are bound to be different. Thus, gender-diverse organizations can lead to better ideas, more innovativeness, and creativity. Click here to read more!

4.Tips to enhance the impact of Training

To ensure your training initiative thrives and exceeds your expected returns, you may choose a quality Training Provider or curriculum that aligns with your organization’s culture, involve the highest level of organization’s leadership, and engage mid-level managers to promote the benefits of Training.Continue reading!

5.According to a 2015 survey by CIPD, in over two-fifths of the organizations L&D is a specialist function within the HR department and in one-fifth it is part of generalist HR activities.

Even in the organizations where L&D is a specialist function,L&D activities are split between HR and another area of the business or are separate from the HR function. To differentiate between HR and L&D, organizations must ensure employees can see results with the continuous upgrade of their skills and efficiency.Read for more info!

6.Important considerations to make when deploying global training

Understanding the oral and written language needs of your learners should be a part of the initial analysis when designing your program. Somelearning experience platforms can also help you create a shared learning environment that breaks down geographic boundaries.To know more, click here!

7. Tips to promote Employee Engagement

To encourage Employee Engagement, it is essential for the managers to be nice and promote a positive environment,allow flexibility, try things like assigning a new project or setting a goal to meet by the end of the quarter, etc. Read further for more tips!

8. Role of Team building to strengthen Company Culture

Team building is an excellent way to recognize achievement outside of work parameters and give a self-esteem boost to employees who might be struggling at the office. It also helps develop stronger bonds between employees, improved team communication and better collaboration.Read on!

9. Approaches Learning Professionals should adopt in 2020

To make learning effective in 2020, the learning professionals need to adopt strategies such as taking initial steps in an area you can influence or control, focusing only on the needs of the organization, etc.Read further to explore more!

10. A study published by a management consulting firm, Zinnov, along with Intel India, has revealed that the representation of women in organizations in India is increasing.

The percentage of women in corporate India has increased from 21% in 2014 to 30% this year. This is because; organizations in India have continuously invested in gender diversity with mentor programs and return-to-work policies for working mothers.Read further for the insights!

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