1. Tailor-made Customer Service Training will help make a Customer, Not a Sale

Building positive relationships with customers isn’t just good practice- it will ultimately enhance a company’s bottom line. Customized customer service training programs don’t just add value to the customer; it can propel sales and give you a strong competitive advantage. Read more!

2. Approaching the ‘Overwhelmed Employee’ Trend

Employees feeling overwhelmed is a growing problem that undercuts performance, progress, and results. With the right learning and development strategies in place, employees could feel big burdens lifted.Read more!

3. Integrating Leadership and Change to improve Organizational Performance

Effective leadership can bring positive change that can help an organization enhance and innovate in the current business scenario. While change management depends on leadership to be authorized, still there hasn’t been a smooth integration of these two.Read more!

4. Top HR Trends to Watch out for 2020 and Beyond

Curious to know what the future has in store for HR professionals? Roles like Talent &Technology Integrator, Community Activist, ChiefChange Officer are likely to bring disruption and enable HR leaders to create change-ready organizations. Read more

5. The Hiring Spree is back, India Inc. reports an upswing of 12% in Talent Demand

An upsurge of 12% in talent demand exemplifies hopefulness that 2020 has brought about in the Indian job market with FMCG Sector experiencing the highest growth of over 30 percent. So are you ready for recruiters looking to engage with the right talent?Read more

6. Designing and Learning an Inclusive Workplace Learning Strategy

Providing learners the flexibility and diversity in the way they learn, you can ensure that internal training imparts the skills they require to excel. A design for all together with mapping exercises will bring about a new approach within your team and organization.Read more

7. Tips for NEXT Generation Gender Diversity in C-Suite

The gender gap within STEM professions, and especially those specializing in technology, is just tremendous. Changing the industry perception, investing in training and embedding some new ways of working will break down the barriers for women to fit leadership roles.Read more

8. Video Training Trends in 2020 and beyond

Videos help create an interactive learning experience and almost all working professionals agree that video learning works. In fact, video training is the most worthwhile way for employers to ensure compliance training.Read more

9. Tips to Improve Learner Retention and Pare down the Forgetting Curve

Designing learning that maximizes retention includes the utilization of visuals, the rule of recency and the rule of primacy. Try presenting the content in a number of styles to make it easy for learners to learn and implement.Read more

10. Talent Management Blunders to avoid when Grooming Millennials

Next-generation talent is tech-savvy, creative, and highly ambitious and it is time to spot leadership mistakes that often occur while mentoring and leading millennials. Expressing your values and valued behaviors to next-generation talent will eventually make them successful.Read more

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