1. Reinventing Learning and Development Approach

To accelerate and scale human learning, anew model for corporate learning based on scientific methods, yet deeply human is essentially required. It can be achieved by ‘working out loud’ as a collaborative, re-inspired L&D community. Learn more..

2. New Year resolutions in the arena of L&D Training

Learning and Development professionals are striving to bring about a change in the L&D strategy for a lasting change. To ensure this, they are aiming for both business-focused as well as individual-oriented approach. Read more..

3. Transformation – New norm to lead people

Transformation implies making a fundamental change,involving shifting from one state of being to another. Being purposeful, understanding your and your people’s motivation, communicating to change people’s mindsets is crucial for Transformational Leadership.Click here to know more!

4. Significant L&D trends in 2020

One of the major L&D trends in 2020 is that businesses need to cater to age, gender and, socio-economic status differences, thus, provide a wide range of choices in the way learning and development aredelivered.Keep reading for the insights!

5. A recent survey of 250 enterprise-technology professionals revealed that professionals are eager for quality training from their employers

Currently, Enterprise technology professionals are seeking outorganizations that offer comprehensive learning and development avenues. Cybersecurity, Networking, and Soft-skills are the top three areas in which they desire training.Read further…

6. Important considerations for the training of new hires within an organization

To avoid anyorganizational pitfalls, it is essential to take a deep dive into onboarding programs considering factors such as time allocated for training, employees’interest in learning and a few others.Click here for further details…

7. Requisites of Leadership Development

For any leadership development platform to work, executives need to own it, value it and make it the way of doing things in their organization. Leadership development also requires a formal training and development structure. Read on!

8. Mobile Learning for new-age learners

According todata from Bersin by Deloitte, 30% of full-time employees perform most of their work from a remote location. Today, digital learning environments utilizing Learning experience platforms (LXPs), have been used by organizations for quite some time.Keep reading to reveal more!

9. Ways to ensure Adaptable HR Technology

To ascertain that you are equipped with adaptable HR technology to succeed in 2020, you must use AI technology from outside the HR domain, make your payments system flexible, and make your LMS mobile-first and not just mobile-friendly. Read further for more tips!

10. Must-have qualities an Instructor should possess to engage learners

Learners like instructors should be honest, especially when it comes to their own flaws. And, the trainers must be able to connect with their audience and respond to their needs regularly.Click here to gain more info!

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