1. Role of HR leaders in facilitating employee experience-driven transformation

In the world of Digital, HR leaders should become the navigators of making organizational boundaries more porous, by helping employees see-through and cross them effortlessly when needed.And, vital business transformation should be conducted where employee experience is at the core of change.Read further..

2. Tips to attract and retain the best talent

To appeal and retain the greatest talent, you may start producing great content for prospective talents. You might even offer complimentary professional development resources and create an environment where peers post new ideas and share discoveries.Learn more..

3. Three crucial skills that must remain a priority for organizations undertaking skill development in the digital age

Security and risk management, Cloud IT architecture and Data analytics are the skills organizations need to focus on in the digital age. However, the shift from basic skills tohighly-specific skills will require significant investment in building niche digital skills.Read more..

4. Ways to screen Job Candidates

HR professionals need a secure and reliable pre-employment process to choose the right person for the job.The first crucial process must include knowing which screenings are lawful for candidates and going for complete background checks etc. Read further for more tips!

5. It is estimated that Machine Learning and AI alone have at least 1.4 million open jobs at the moment

AI and ML are the two most talked-about skills and will see a huge demand in 2020 as companies begin implementing them on a large scale to improve efficiency.Both these skills are progressing towards making autonomous decisions.Deep dive to reveal more!

6. Cultural Adapters and Cultural Misfits

Employees who are adapters can stay a cultural fit even when cultures evolve in an organizational environment. Organizations also house cultural misfits who do not conform to the company’s ideology and purpose and see things very differently.Read further for details!

7. Liberal arts are becoming a preferred choice for undergraduate students, the world over

Following the trend set by the U.S which houses many renowned universities known for their liberal arts programs, India is now catching up too. Liberal arts offer students the freedom to choose the subjects they would like to study. Click here to know more!

8. Impact of Digital Transformation in the business world

Digital transformation has transcended over a one-time transformation or an implementation to become a permanent way of business. However, organizations can create a conducive environment for employees to feel a sense of safety and prevent isolation.Read on!

9. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 20% of Americans over the age of 65 were employed or actively looking for work last year

A growing number of Baby Boomers are re-entering the workforce and even more, are choosing to stay longer in their current position. To attract high-quality Boomers in 2020, Upskilling, Intergenerational opportunities, etc. will prove to be beneficial.Continue reading!

10. Use of Chatbots to facilitate appropriate learning for Frontline Workers

Today, Chatbots and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools are used to provide effective training to frontline workers who represent the company to it’s clients and customers. Chatbots take on-the-job training to a new level.Read more!

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