1. Survey reveals 80 percent enterprises are undergoing massive organizational restructuring, but success still eludes them!

With rapid market changes, businesses are being forced to improvise. Restructuring and redesigning, hence, comes natural. However, with majority of the enterprises, redesigning does not translate into success. This article tells you how to successfully achieve organizational restructuring. …Read More

2. Long-term Strategic planning demands long-term learning curve for modern leaders

Traditional leadership tactics are dying, and modern leaders need to take a new approach. This includes some unconventional tricks that will enable business leaders to steer into the right direction when required. …Read More

3. Without these critical leadership competencies, transformation will be impossible

Organizational transformation and growth orientation of employees derive energy from the suitable leadership. Business leaders must possess these 4 critical competencies to enable enterprise-level change management. …Read More

4. Employees ought to design their own personal development agenda

Pulsating industry trends are demanding the employees to step-up for growth. Here is how you can design your own personal development agenda and stick to it for massive success. …Read More

5. 66% of the organizations believe in continuous employee feedback because of the rewarding long-term benefits

Continuous employee feedback mechanism might arise as a core HRM strategy for companies considering a 73% boost in performance and a lot higher employee engagement. This study by DarwinBox reveals crucial insights. …Read More

6. Here are the learning & development trends of 2019. PS: They are not what you think!

With the changing business-oriented skill requirements and surge of technology, Learning & Development strategy must also undergo realistic changes. Here is what employees need to know to grow. …Read More

7. Optimistic Customers turn pessimistic as Current Situation Index falls below 100

Consumer confidence in India dropped in May, as people fretted about jobs and slowing growth in Asia’s third-largest economy. The current situation index fell to 97.3 from 104.6 in March as per RBI’s Consumer Confidence survey. Find out what it would mean for everyone! …Read More

8. HRMs might finally weigh the skills and values ‘introverts’ add to their organization!

Business leaders have finally realized that Introvert employees possess skills & traits of value that often escape the HRMs’ radar. Leading industry personnel are now advocating inclusion of introvert personalities and to voice their opinion. …Read More

9. Are companies really fair when it comes to recruiting employees from ‘unknown’ brands?

Hiring employees from smaller companies, especially if they belong to tier-2 institutes is a stigma in the Indian corporate ecosystem. Is it about to break anytime soon? Find out in the article. …Read More

10. 33% of the Global enterprises use ‘Rewards’ to boost employee engagement, virtual rewards hit the orgs

Rewarding employees with trophies, certificates, badges, etc. to commemorate their performance is as old as the corporate world itself. Though, companies have stumbled across virtual employee rewards and points to leverage this fact further. …Read More

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