1. Only 26% Indian Leaders Future-Ready, 72% Call traditional leadership unfit for future

Korn Ferry’s Global Leadership Report has revealed stats that call for an urgent leadership paradigm shift in India. Major investors feel the need for Indian leaders to transform and enable themselves to become future-ready. …Read More

2. AI-Human Collaboration at the forefront of hiring

While HRMs are speculating AI to entirely automate hiring and staffing operations one day, the picture is slightly different. AI can automate repetitive workloads but cannot replace human instincts. Technologists are now seeing AI as Augmented Intelligence for HRMs to enable informed decision making rather than instinctive one! …Read More

3. Work productivity wars: 996 or 4-Day- Work weeks?

Asian business leaders like Jack Ma advocate 9 to 9 six days work schedule to become successful and be more productive, while Western nations have found employees to be 20% More productive and 7 Percent less stressed in a 4-Days work week! Which is the next work-culture model? Find out! …Read More

4. Employee engagement and workplace design go hand-in-hand!

Corporates are driving inspiration from startups for innovative workplace designs. Long-term business success will depend upon employee engagement and office designs that promote willingness, wellness, liberty of choice and collaboration. …Read More

5. 64 Percent of employees are likely to quit due to a ‘Bad’ onboarding experience

It might come as an insight to the HRMs that as high as 64 percent of the employees are less likely to continue owing to a negative onboarding experience. Preemptive interactive onboarding is the way to boost overall retention rate …Read More

6. Singapore is transforming its Public HR Functions, CEOs urge HRMs to be the change-agents

CHRO Peck Kem of the Singapore’s Public HR division of the Prime Minister’s office shares insights into the paradigm. She presents an outside-in perspective on the future-ready workforce, employee engagement and dynamic role of the Human Resource Managers. …Read More

7. Positive organizational behavior and employee motivation impacts performance as much as 17 Percent

Starting as description of values, propagating them and sharing them can bring out the desired employee behavior. HRMs must realize the significance of the impact Organizational values have on the workforce to bring about long-term mutual success of the employee and the enterprise. …Read More

8. Recipe for turning managers into tomorrow’s leaders

Businesses have been fretting over this a long time-How to turn the managers into capable leaders? The answer lies in the successful L&D models adopted by Cipla, Apollo-Munich, and Kellogs India. …Read More

9. Where do freelancers stand in the gig economy when 54% percent of the employees require upskilling & reskilling by 2020?

As the disruptions hit the business landscape and gig economy prevails, Freelancers will need equal upskilling and reskilling as the full-time employees. L&D will become a matter of self-initiative, largely for gig professionals, to an extent for employees to thrive. …Read More

10. Only 13% of major Indian employers plan to hire in Q3 of 2019

13% are expected to increase their payroll, 26% were found to be unsure of any change in payrolls, and 61% anticipate no change in the payroll numbers as revealed by the ManpowerGroup survey of 4951 Indian employers. …Read More

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