1. Increase Employee Skills Development through Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning involves teaching competencies, not just individual skills. It is role-centered instead of being content-oriented. Such type of training includes practicing integrating and applying skills as well as knowledge to demonstrate mastery.Read further to know more

2. The Power of Gamification in Employee Training

Gamification can unlock an organization’s creativity and uncover hidden gems of knowledge to create a competitive advantage. It can help employees with different mindset to learn and collaborate. To find out more about Gamification, click on the link

3. Perks of Scenario-Based Learning for Customer Service Training

One of the most popular forms of experiential training is scenario-based learning. This method of customer service training creates life-like situations that employees might encounter on the job. To divulge more info on Scenario-Based Learning,continue reading!

4. Benefits of “Rapid” eLearning

Rapid eLearning involves the quick development of learning materials. Some of the major benefits of Rapid eLearning include smarter and faster goal-setting, improved access to creative content, easier and better communication etc. Click here to find out more benefits!

5. Quartz India says, around 35% of Indians believe that those who hold opposing political views are not worth having a conversation with

Political dissent is the essence of democracy. However, despite the differences, employees are expected to work together by embracing dissent opinions from different perspectives and achieve organizational goals. Thus, organizations are required to be diverse and inclusive to ensure a positive workplace relationship. Read more

6. Qualities of a well-designed learning ecosystem

An effective learning program should be easy to access and streamlined for all learners. Learning resources should help your employees develop skill sets that are relevant and useful for the organization.Keep reading to know more!

7. Importance of AI in user experience

Information Architecture (IA) determines the way in which information from a learner, or user, is captured by the system or organization. It has a role in the design of a database as meaningful as in the UI\UX.Learn more

8. Invitinghumor in the workplace

Instodgy work environments, men and women are at a greater risk for sick leave, job burnout, and turnover. While environments enhanced by humor and joy are far more likely to result in commitment to the organization thereby resulting in high performance.Click here to read more!

9. Encouragement to Skill Enhancement & Up-Gradation Programs to rise against challenges of global economic recession

Due to the global economic recession, many people lost their jobs. In such a scenario, the only logical and probably the most effective solution for professionals are to up-skill, re-skill and new skill themselves to stay relevant to their respective industries.Continue reading!

10. Adopting the “Plug and Play mode” for excellent performance at a workplace

With T20 becoming the favorite game format, spectators are demanding the best performances in the shortest time. In a similar way, industries are witnessing the need to operate at their fastest best, utilizing the technique of choosing versatile resources over specialists, aligning all team members to the game plan etc.Read on!

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