1. The” Spill-Over Effect” at the workplace

Research shows that emotionally upsetting events either in personal or professional life can lead to changes in perspective and might result in performance dip, absenteeism, and low morale. This phenomenon is known as the spill-over effect. Click here to learn more!

2. Reasons to upskill in the current scenario

Transformations in the technology arena are bringing in changes to various industries and business processes, which are directly translating to the workplace. Therefore, in this rapidly evolving industry, the only way to stay relevant is to upskill oneself throughout one’s career. Read more!

3. Ways to make you L&D work more effectively for your business

To make your L&D work for your business, discover what the pain points are, find out what does the strategy means in terms of each business unit. Once you know this, dream for the best organization you can imagine, but one that can focus on delivering that business strategy effectively.Find out more!

4. Developing an honest workplace

Creating a truthful workplace doesn’t mean telling everyone about everything all the time. Sometimes all you need to do is to maintain confidentiality and not divulge sensitive information until it’s agreed that that should happen. Check out for more info!

5. Recent research by Brandon Hall Learning Strategy found that 3 out of 4 organizations believed that aligning their learning strategy with business goals was a top priority

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for L&D because every organization has a different culture. So there will always be a need to create learning resources for specific business objectives. And, there will always be requirements for L&D to develop resources for compliance against industry standards. Click here to divulge details.

6. Significance of “Continuous Learning”

Continuous learning is necessary to build new skills to grow one’s career path. However, retention is not guaranteed just because you learned something once. Continuous learning works only if you keep revising what you learnd.Read further!

7. Impact of environment on learning

The learning environment can have a substantial effect on the way participants interact and therefore learn. A poor environment can set people off on the wrong foot and make starting that learning journey harder. In contrast, a well thought out environment can have a huge impact on how people interact when learning.Read on.

8. Critical functions for next-generation L&D

Understanding social dynamics and how to influence and leverage them is part anthropology, part social psychology and part behavioral. These are all critical functions and essential social and behavioral science elements required for next-generation L&D.Continue reading!

9. Tips for women to enhance their leadership presence within an organization

Leadership skills are one of the most important skills which reinforce a female employee’s strength within an organization. To improve such skills, one must refrain from confidence-hacking language, be unapologetic, upspeak, learn to be persuasive, etc.Keep reading!

10. Ways to add more value as a profession

In order to add value as a profession, we need a professional body for the 21st century. This is not just about setting standards and giving out letters but we need a transformation in approach and we need professional trainers, coaches, and facilitators. Read to know more!

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