1. “Conflict Management” by Managers in a workplace

Managers need to be constantly on alert to check for signs that all is not well within their teams. If something doesn’t seem to be right, the key is to invite people to talk about how they are feeling and encourage them to hear one another in an empathic, compassionate way.Continue reading!

2. According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report for 2019, resonating the same Learning, employee experience and talent mobility are themes that will redefine the HR function

Employee experience is not only about the technological interface that employees use as part of their work it also includes all the interactions they have with the organization throughout their life cycle. The mission of companies behind reimagining the employee experience needs to be governed by the principles of flexibility, agility, transparency, etc.Read more

3. Tips to help employees who are introvert

To help introverts at work, an effective strategy would be to hire them for roles and assign them to projects that leverage their strengths and interests. And, to create a work environment where they can thrive.Learn more

4. Crucial benefits of Virtual Skill Training

A virtual classroom allows employers to overcome geographical barriers and bring the largely offline population of blue-collar workers online. Thus, this economical and convenient way of imparting training enables workers to access training courses anytime and anywhere.Read on to know more!

5. The shape of Leadership in 2020 to manage a digital workforce

The digital workforce in 2020 will mandate autonomy, empowerment at all levels of hierarchy and entrust them with the freedom to work and make decisions. Therefore, the Leaders need to set aside the ‘know it all’ attitude and shift toa top-down approach in this new era of leadership.Keep reading!

6. Role of “Escape Rooms” in Recruitment

While escape rooms are largely thought of as a fun activity for friends, families, and team-building, they can also have a role in recruitment. When candidates are immersed in an escape room, they will have to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities to tackle a challenging situation.To know more, click here!

7. According to Gallup, 70% of employed Americans are disengaged at work

Disengagement soaks up a manager’s time and creates a distraction for the rest of the team, making it more difficult to focus on customer needs. As a solution, they need to set clear and achievable goals, give employees freedom and develop trust with the team members.Read on for more tips!

8. Bridging the gap between L&D and other business functions

L&D doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to providing solutions that meet business objectives. To rectify this problem, firstly there is a need to identify the difficulties and thereafter find practical solutions to it.Read on for more tips!

9. Ways to sharpen your analytical skills

Today, there is an increased need for critical thinking skills to support creativity, problem-solving, innovation, active learning, fluidity and quantity of ideas. To improve such analytical skills, we need novel and adaptive thinking more than ever.. Read further to find out more!

10. Tips to efficiently work from home due to “Coronavirus Threat”

A huge number of people are considering working from home because ofthe Coronavirus outbreak. To begin working from a home-based office, you need to make sure that you have adequate seating, a good desk and a quieter environment. For more tips, click on the link

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