Top 10 news: May 2019 week 2

Top 10 news: May 2019 week 2

1. Organizations need Learning Agility to quickly adapt to Disruptions

Organizations need a proactive approach towards employee development as the talent pool shrinks. Though, a majority of them are yet to develop a career development pathway in sync with their operational strategy. What organizations need is a lifecycle approach towards Employee learning and development. …Read More

2. Rise of the Machines might be a reality, Labor Day might become artificial!

It seems that automation is eating away a lot of manual tasks. It is a prevalent opinion that a majority of the jobs might be lost due to technology. Though, we might be collectively experiencing ‘temporary panic’ and the picture might be entirely different. …Read More

3. Barriers Slowing down Women’s rise in the corporate world

Besides personal, socio-cultural and organizational barriers, various assumptions pose as hindering walls when it comes to women’s positions for organizational leadership. Though, women might be on to something with their ‘Super Woman’ capabilities. …Read More

4. Can Corporate Learning epitomize ‘Learning’ itself?

Bombarding employees with theoretical knowledge of leadership was never sufficient. Organizations are more than ever engaged in creating an L&D design framework for their employees so that they experience stimulation and contentment at work. …Read More

5. ‘Happiness’ = ‘Productivity’ at the Workplace?

Companies have realized it already that productivity cannot be forced but inculcated. How? With ‘Happiness,’ of course. There are key features of a workplace that will help employees anticipate long-term growth and contentment, from creativity to expression. …Read More

6. Growth before Pay – Workers’ Opine!

A survey indicates a staggeringly high number of workers for whom ‘Career Growth’ trumps ‘Pay.’ Turns out that meaningful work and better benefits are further more attractive for employees than the number on the paycheck …Read More

7. Unemployment in India at its Peak since 2016

From 6.71% in March’19 to 7.6% in April’19, Unemployment rate in India continues to make a dent in the future prospects of the present Govt. The recorded rates were at an all-time high since 2016. …Read More

8. Cross-functional inputs in HR – Exploring strategic synergies

As organizations become dynamic, various departments often collaborate to make a project or a campaign successful. Why should the HR Policies be left at the discretion of Subject Matter Experts alone? Cross-functional inputs could be instrumental in bringing strategic relevance to the HR function. …Read More

9. Chatbots are the New Coaches for HR Professionals

Conversational Agents or AI-Based Chatbots are enabling HR Professionals to learn in their routine tasks and speeding their processes. Turns out, these chatbots are more than just a tool for them, they are coaching the personnel. …Read More

10. Soft Skills Data to Shape the Future Workforce

Big Data is not just disrupting the tech world, but the entire spectrum of workforce. Employees of the future will be screened in on the basis of their ability to learn and grow, while Data will help organizations design a culture of continuous learning & development. …Read More

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