Top 10 news: May 2019 week 3

Top 10 news: May 2019 week 3

1. A silver lining for job seekers

India is expected to observe a rise in jobs in the first six months of the fiscal year 2019-20. A piece of good news for job hunters. The reasons that have contributed to an increase in the net employment outlook are – increase in investments, revised FDI regulations and new governance policies. …Read More

2. Cat naps can boost workplace productivity

The practice of a short nap after lunch is century old in India and researches show that it can do wonders for the body. No wonder, many companies in Japan, China, and Spain have introduced this habit to their work culture. Perhaps it is time that organizations in India should start considering it. …Read More

3. Blending rules are the new tools for creating an effective learning experience

Organizations often struggle to design an effective learning experience for a distributed workforce. But, with four ‘Blending’ rules, they are smartly addressing this challenge. …Read More

4. Skill gaps – the biggest threat in hiring dynamics

The workforce is consequently becoming more diverse and multi-generational. Though organizations realize that they need to create an environment that employees find conducive to grow, the skills required to be relevant is also changing. …Read More

5. Why does every organization need agile leaders?

To thrive in the industry, organizations need to cope with immense developments in the industry. It is possible when their leaders adopt a growth and learning mindset which gradually help organizations to build an agile work culture. …Read More

6. The importance of employee engagement for startups

When creating an effective strategy, startups often overlook its core element, i.e. employees. Employee engagement is central to the growth strategy of startups that is people-dependent. …Read More

7. The debate of AI influence in Human Resource space – AI vs HR

AI may prove to be the most useful partner of the HR department as it can perform various functions, like payroll management, data entry and off boarding tasks. However, to leverage this cutting-edge technology, organizations must be ready. …Read More

8. Are organizations prepared to employ interns?

Intern season is almost here and as DOL changed its internship rules which require employers to consider who is the primary beneficiary of the internship – employer or intern. …Read More

9. Can a meddling manager make the hiring process difficult?

Finding the right hire is a cumbersome task and a meddling manager with high expectations for the ideal hire can make this process even more difficult. Companies are taking steps to prevent this situation. …Read More

10. CEOs are mothers for their organizations

Sitting at the head of the table, CEOs nurture the business with parenting instincts. They treat their business as children and guide and mentor their workforce in the right direction. …Read More

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