TOP 10 NEWS: May 2020 WEEK 1

TOP 10 NEWS: May 2020 WEEK 1

1.The “Management Toxicity” is affecting more and more Indians

Of the eight hundred thousand suicides across the world annually, about 100 thousand are potentially employed Indians.. The first step to creating harmony and mental peace for work forces begins with deploying a sense of community feeling within the organization. Read more!

2. Ways to make “Leadership Development” work

In a research conducted by The Institute of Leadership & Management, only a handful of people expressed that, knowing more theories helped them to become better leaders.If leadership development interventions are to be successful, a deep understanding of the leaders’ requirements would be crucial.Continue Reading!

3. Videos, Slide Presentations, and Interactive PDFs must be integrated into your Employee Training Program

Video-based courses offer a documentary movie-like experience to the learnersand are well accepted by all types of learners. While Interactive PDFs breathe life into documents, making it easier to present information in a more organized manner.Learn more

4. Deciphering the transformation from knowledge to the ‘know/do’ gap

The transition from knowledge to skill (the ‘know/do’ gap) is where the typical learning and development process breaks down. Today, business leaders need a fast, agile, and cost-effective way to ensure that a new strategy or process is being implemented quickly and effectively.Keep reading!

5. “3 Pillars of Learning” – Knowledge (Transfer- Reinforcement- Assessment)

Knowledge transferis an art of embedding continuous knowledge sharing within the minds of people at a workplace when they need it. Knowledge reinforcement is an information-based strategy intended to bridge gaps between employee performance deficits and Training Needs Analysis.Read on!

6. Redefining’ the learning experience amid pandemic crisis

Working from a remote location is likely to continue as a trend going forward. So, it’s vital that you equip your employees with digital collaboration tools and expose them to digital resources like webinars and e-learning courses. Read further to find out more

7. Benefits of implementing “Competency-based learning” into your Online Training

One of the major benefits of Competency-Based learning is that it focuses on the holistic development of learners. With this learning approach, learners can learn how to acquire knowledge and skills and apply them to real-life problems. Click here for more info!

8. According toVerna Myers, an Inclusion Strategist, ‘Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance’

An employee is motivated and engaged to work when the environment is inclusive, supportive, and open. Whereas, when an organization is seen promoting and valuing ‘diverse’ talent, it gains valuable goodwill.Read ahead to explore more on the significance of Diversity and Inclusion within an organization

9. Focusing on the ‘flexible’ skills will help employees navigate the changing business landscape

With many workers currently working from home, there is more time to invest in upskilling and learning.Employees are currently inclined to skills with a longer shelf life. Skills such as leadership, change management, and communication can be applied in a number of situations, across industries and geographies.Click on to learn more!

10. “Multiple Intelligence” – A trending word in the Corporate Learning Industry

Multiple Intelligence (MI) delves into learning psychology and helps to recognize the fact that learners may have different learning aptitudes and preferences.In corporate life, MIcan be a powerful tool to make people learn effectively and enhance their on-the-job performance. Read further

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