TOP 10 NEWS: May 2020 WEEK 2

TOP 10 NEWS: May 2020 WEEK 2

1.“Learning Analytics” is much more than tracking course completion rates

Today, learning analytics provides a deeper analysis of learner patterns and behaviors. Learning analytics is the measurement and analysis of data that is used to develop insights to improve online learning experiences.Read on to know more!

2. Effective ideas to drive Engagement and Communication for Remote Teams

Video nuggets are a great alternative to communicate change. Leaders can speak about their vision for change in these videos. Design posters, teasers, and mailers can also be used to keep the employees aware of the changes taking place. Learn more

3. According to Deloitte, “businesses have dramatically increased their use of contingent workers over the past decade”

A number of contingent workers are now deployed to meet skills gaps and particular strategic goals. These contingent workers often need to be onboarded, trained in relevant skill sets, and given the knowledge to work in compliance with industry regulations.Read more

4. Unveiling the facts about “Microlearning”

Microlearning is a powerful training tool. It is largely based on content chunking, in the sense that each module focuses on one learning objective or skill at a time. Pace and effectiveness make microlearning the perfect choice for training. Click here to know more

5. An idea can spread like an epidemic!

One of the first things to understand about good epidemics, such as an organizational culture of experimentation and ideation, is that small changes can bring about huge and lasting effects. While humans are designed to think linearly, ideas when they spread follow a geometric pattern.Continue reading

6. Few “Change Management” steps to apply in your organization

The first step is to clarify the details of the change and how it’s going to impact your business processes, as well as your online training objectives. Secondly, map out the risks of getting from one point to another point. Click here for more info!

7. “Online Learning” during Quarantine

If you are looking for ways to cope with boredom or just wondering what to do with your newly-found free time, you may give online learning a try. Online education gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace, at any time and place. Read Further

8.WFH” – The Current Working Trend

COVID-19 Pandemic has proved that the “Work from Home” is not only a necessity at times like these but will become the norm. “Work from Home” allows an individual to have a more balanced life which is essential for a long-term sustained success.Keep reading!

9.According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, nearly 375 million workers globally will need to upskill by 2030

Talent being the heart of every organization, businesses need to enhance their workforce’s capabilities. Thankfully, the current crisis has given us an opportunity to encourage socially distanced employees to develop a digital mindset and gain skills.Read ahead

10. Companies with a strong company culture have a 40% higher retention rate, and those employees are 72% more engaged

Your company culture defines who you want to be and the mark you want your company to leave on this world.In a remote organization, where distance can make employees feel isolated, the need for company culture is magnified.Read on to explore more!

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