TOP 10 NEWS: May 2020 WEEK 3

TOP 10 NEWS: May 2020 WEEK 3

1.Deciphering Powerful “Leadership” and Successful “Business Growth” Link

For long-term business success, managers need to recognize their role in building high performing teams. They also need to invest in their own leadership capabilities. If leadership is effective, organizations will retain top talents. Read more!

2. About 46% of global CEOs say that “Upskilling and Reskilling” employees is a priority in keeping their companies technologically relevant

Training your corporate workforce is one of the most critical investments you will ever make to grow your business. To set up your training game, it is important to expand online training availability and stay technologically updated with corporate training solutions.Click here for more info.

3. Tips to Guide Talent Development amid COVID-19

To begin with, employers can empower the team with relevant information by sharing knowledge papers and industry trends. Leaders could also facilitate interaction and dialogue through collaborative tools like webinars and virtual chats.Read on, for more tips

4. “Learning analytics” – A popular topic in Learning and Development (L&D)

Learning analytics helps to ensure that training programs are effectively teaching employees the skills required to reach their full potential. It also helps to have a better understanding of the employees’ learning experience and ways to make it better.Learn more

5. Ways to enhance Employee Experience in the current Lockdown scenario

To keep your remote team engaged, you can organize remote team activities after work hours twice a week or on a weekend. This would keep their engagement levels high, helping them focus better at work. Conducting regular ‘knowledge sharing sessions’ will also be beneficial.Read further

6. Benefits of the “Distributed Workforce” Model

A Distributed Workforce model is particularly well-suited for the customer support and tech support industries. It makes businesses more resilient to potentially disruptive events. Additionally, it helps employees better manage their work-life balance.To know more, click here.

7. “Compassion and Empathy” – Tools to first survive and later thrive

During the current pandemic situation, it is crucial for the leaders to put their feet in the employees’ shoes and communicate with them from their perspectives. Since, employees are not just working from home, but also managing their household chores on their own. Continue reading!

8. Skills Training strategy Post Covid-19 situation

Leaders will have to consider new ways to rapidly build digital skills within their workforce, from virtual courses and learning pathways to on-the-job upskilling and user-generated content. Upskilling programs must continue at pace, despite other business challenges.Keep reading to divulge more

9. Tips to maintain Leadership during a crisis

To be a good leader is to show the way, to guide, and to stand by your team always, particularly in any crisis situation. Communication intelligence can make or break a situation, and taking the assistance of the right people can help you come out of a difficult situation easily.Read ahead!

10. Qualtrics reports that furloughed workers are 37% more likely to report declines in mental health than those who have been laid off

Furloughed employees are constantly being advised to use their free time ‘productively’. However, most of this advice ignores their mental health issues arising due to a demotivated situation. Therefore, communicating with furloughed employees from a sympathetic place is critical.Read on

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