1. Skill gap is responsible for recruitment challenges, reported by 2019 SHRM survey

According to ‘The Global Skills Shortage Survey’ report, 3 out of 4HR professionals who reported experiencing recruiting difficulties in the last 12 months mentioned that there are skills gaps among job candidates.Find out more about the skill gap here. …Read more

2. Agile Learning replaces one-time development model

Agile Learning replaces traditional L&D with a culture where stakeholders work together on shared L&D goals. It can help build change-ready organizations, that are equipped to adapt to new technologies, which enable them to stay ahead of the competition. Learn more..

3. Growth and Development opportunities in the workplace are critical

Employers need to provide their staff with apt opportunities for learning by building an internal coaching program & making developments a focused priority. Research shows that this improves employee engagement and productivity. Read more on Learning Culture!

4. Crucial tips you must follow to find your voice in the workplace

To find your voice in the workplace, it is essential to know when to speak, listen, beassertive and stand up for your worth. These tips can transform your work-life. Continue reading!

5. 80% Employees label Leadership a high priority for their organizations, says Deloitte 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report

This figure highlights the fact that creating future leaders is one of the top priorities for corporates, which can be only achieved through well-structured Leadership Development programs. Read on to know more!

6. Critical Leadership competencies needed for transformation, suggests Prof. Bernd Vogel of Leadership at Henley Business School

Leaders must act as guardian, enabler, and endorser of transforming the organization to make it ready for the future. They also need to act as a liaison between the broader business interests, employee expectations, social and environmental concerns, and be able to engage with all relevant stakeholders. Click here for more info!

7.EmploySelf-Paced Learning to Create Autonomous Employees

Through Self-Paced learning, managers can enable their team to find the right balance between their main responsibilities and their professional development goals. Find out more about the core aspects of work-place self-paced learning. Read More

8. Reasons for adopting a Systematic, Holistic Approach to L&D

Adopting a systematic, holistic approach to Learning & Development facilitates a logical curation process, ease of search, support systems and processes, assessment of new learning needs, etc. These are crucial for long-term organizational success. Read more to know the details..

9. Is the term ‘Company Culture’ well understood?

Company Culture is primarily about behaviors of employees within an organization and the meaning attached to those behaviors. It also includes a variety of other elements such as work environment, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. Learn more…

10. 4th Industrial Revolution (IR) is drastically changing the way products are envisioned, manufactured, distributed, acquired, and consumed

The Fourth IR impacts the way business is done. By 2022, about 133 million new roles will be created due to the new division of labor between humans, machines, and algorithms, as stated by the World Economic Forum. Read more for deeper insights!

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