1.Is there a “high-performance”design for organizations?

According to research by BCG, businesses should focus on a lean organizational design and structure, robust change management, effective leadership, and a healthy culture of engagement to grow into a high-performance organization. Read on to know more! …Read more

2. Highly engaged employees in an organization can lead to a 22% increase in profitability

Employee engagement is one of the key aspects of work culture which ensures workforce retention and productivity. Apart from this, the provision of learning and development opportunities and creating an all-inclusive environment can be highlyeffective too. Read further for deeper insights! …Read more

3. Pill for Resistant, Cynical, Negative and Bored Employees-Charisma!

A charismatic facilitator will always see resistant participants with compassion and acceptance rather than a critical and judgmental filter, thus, enabling them to become enthralled about their learnings. Read more to find out about the charismatic leadership model. …Read more

4. Implementing Self-Paced learning is essential

Self-Paced learning is known to drive productivity and motivation. It also helps employees learn how to best manage their time & workload to meet their deliverables while completing the training program. Read on to know why Self-paced learning might just be the right tool to prepare your workforce for tomorrow! …Read more

5. Roadblocks faced by LMS might be hindering blended learning outcomes

Call it inherited errors, but limits imposed on the employees pertaining to organizational LMS might be generating net zero results. Accessibility issues, restrictions on file uploads, non-integration of virtual classrooms, etc. are some of the factors responsible for creating an obstacle in the success of blended learning.Read more..

6. Inclusive Leadership is the New Age Leadership

The heterogeneity of the current business environment demands an inclusive approach to leadershipas suggested by Bourke and Dillon in their 2016 paper. Read on to know how inclusive leadership has already crumbled traditional leadership.Read more..

7. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports3.6 million people quit their job,7.2 million roles remain open in the US

The above numbers should raise a concern across all the organizations. They speak of the factthat organizations are unable to sustain employees and hire new talent effectively. Skills analysis and development are integral to the success of talent mobility rather than hiring externally. Find out more here. Read more..

8. 2018 &2019 – Years of “Employee Activism”

In September 2019, more than 1,000 Amazon employees walked out of the corporation’s Seattle headquarters due to its inaction on climate change.Last year, 20,000 Google employees worldwide walked out after the company did not take a stance on employees’ sexual harassment claims. Learn more about the Employee Activism wave here.Read more..

9. Structuring is what decides the Effectiveness of an L&D Program

The need to develop and retain current employees is increasing due to shrinkage witnessed in the talent market. A well-structured L&D program that paves the way for employee growth is essential to fill the talent-retention gap.Read more for details..

10. Employee engagement andAutomobile Industry crisis

Employee engagement, clear and transparent communications are important during the times of crisis. “The company should convey its employees about a plan B, to come out of the tough times,”explainsNV Balachandar, Executive Director-HR, Ashok Leyland. Here are key management-learnings to keep the workforce engaged during an unanticipated situation.Read more for details..

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