TOP 4 NEWS: APR 2022

TOP 4 NEWS: APR 2022

1. Challenges women leaders face at work in 2022

A McKinsey report states that companies with most women acquiring executive positions potentially deliver share performance and profits that are close to 50% higher than companies with the fewest. Despite this, there is a dire need to maneuver differently in a few other aspects to bridge the gap & boost diversification at work. Read more!

2.Tips for sustaining a connected & productive company culture while managing geographically dispersed employees

Global industries with teams interacting in various languages and time zones use various tools to adjust to these time zones. Sometimes, these tools are not suitable for all parts of the organization and can limit key decision-making only to people who speak the most common language or have the most computer-heavy roles. Thus, it is crucial to get over this barrier and cultivate a comfortable working environment where there is clarity over all forms of communication. Read more!

3. Is your organization ready for the hybrid world?

Everyone during this pandemic went through three phases: Anxiety, Reflection & Coping. We were working in the Hybrid environment and highlighted ‘how to cope’. But have you ever paid attention to whether your organization is ready for the hybrid world as a hybrid work environment is the new normal? Read more!

4. Identifying the key challenges in critical thinking in a workplace 

Critical thinking leads to the generation of new ideas and newer ways of thinking. Innovating is a matter of culture, context and person-specific to an extent. Critical thinking is a much-needed competency, more so in recent times. But there are some challenges that prevent us from thinking critically. Read more!

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