TOP 4 NEWS: June 2022

TOP 4 NEWS: June 2022

1. Metaverse: The future of work outposts  

Metaverse may bring with it legal, privacy, compliance and regulation challenges. “It also brings an opportunity for companies to reaffirm their values, have clear rules around it & proper whistleblowing processes & triggers for escalation to appropriate parties in place,” asserts Diana Wu David. Read more!

2. Zoom meetings affect the creativity of workers; study finds

It’s been reported that engineers produce more and more innovative ideas when working face to face. “They’re not only generating a larger number of creative ideas, but their best idea is better,” said Melanie Brucks, an assistant professor of marketing at Columbia University in New York. Read more!

3. Tips for running a 15-minute meeting

If done right, a 15-minute meeting enables us to best use our workday to complete the tasks that actually move the needle instead of spending the entire day in meetings and having to work after hours to catch up. Read more!

4. Important Factors Employers Need to Know Before Trying a 4-Day Workweek

It can hardly be sustainable or reasonable to expect already frazzled employees to continue with the existing workloads with one fewer day a week. Thus, employers need to be aware of certain important factors before supporting the four-day workweek initiatives. Read more!

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