TOP 5 NEWS: 24th April 2021

TOP 5 NEWS: 24th April 2021

1. Transformational leadership leads to employees’ growth

Giving managers the right tools to inspire performance & build a culture around employee growth encourages goal setting and team alignment & much more. People in authority must inspire and engage their employees to work better, and having a proper Performance Management System (PMS) is essential for them. Read more!

2. How can businesses secure survival through this pandemic & sustain their success?

The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted consumers, shareholders & wider communities to demand more transparency & accountability. When the expectations & demands of stakeholders have changed, companies too must evolve and redirect their efforts towards the issues that matter—by reflecting, reinforcing & recalibrating their purpose, culture & priorities. Read more!

3. Top tips for leaders to accelerate innovation in their organization

The pandemic has forced business organizations to press the reset button. Leaders are at the forefront of this change and are tasked with giving direction to their organizations. Leaders can act as a catalyst in this resetting process by changing mindsets and building resilience in more ways than one! Read more!

4. Self-assessment: A key to boost skills

Self-assessment is probably one of the best ways to boost skills. This can help front-line managers across the board. No matter what their tenure or skill, knowledge, and performance level is, they know where they are and where they’re headed. Read more!

5. Surveys say the gap between the skills required for work and those brought by college graduates is narrowing down!

According to the past surveys, the findings highlight a disconnect between the abilities employers think are important and the skills new graduates bring to work. However, now students are getting better during the hiring process at communicating the skills they’ve acquired in college. Read more!

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