TOP 5 NEWS: APR 2021

TOP 5 NEWS: APR 2021

1. Empower your employees with these tips

Empowering your employees to achieve their goals requires a lot more than just words of encouragement, especially in this new work environment. It demands a comprehensive approach to organizational communication that keeps them engaged, motivated, and accountable. Read more!

2. Key tips for measuring employees’ engagement level in this new normal

It was much easier to gauge employees' engagement levels when HR & employees both worked out of a common workplace. However, measuring employee engagement while more than 70 % of the workforce is operating remotely in this new normal is a different ball game, especially because it is unexplored territory. Now is the time to revamp the ways of measuring the engagement levels as well. Read more!

3. Ways to enhance performance management system in the post-pandemic era

The uncertainty of COVID-19 has affected every individual’s life; this is where performance management can significantly ensure employees feel that their contribution is valued. Changing the performance management system to align with the change has become critical for the success of organizations. Read more!

4. Assessment tools to identify future leaders

While defining leadership might be difficult, but it is easier to identify it with the traits that make an effective leader. This is where assessment tools come in handy. These tools help organizations to identify objectively and not subjectively people with effective leadership traits. Read more!

5. Experiential learning: A key to build inclusive organizations

Experiential learning is a sense-making process that involves experiences that act as the source of learning. These experiences actively immerse and reflectively engage the learner as a whole being- say Colin Beard and John Wilson’s book, ‘Experiential learning!’ Read more!

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