TOP 5 NEWS: Aug 2022

TOP 5 NEWS: Aug 2022

1. Build Blended Learning Program with 5 Essential Tools

As the way we learn and work continues to evolve, it is important that we adapt our approach to learning. One way to do this is by embracing a new way of learning known as the blended learning approach—one that supports more collaboration and flexibility than ever before. Read more!

2. Boost engagement by leveraging gamification

Engaging the brain and heart is a challenge. We often know that something is good for us, but we still don’t act on it. Gamification can help solve this problem because it creates a sense of excitement and accomplishment by engaging players’ hearts as well as their minds.Read more!

3. Collaborative learning strategies you must incorporate into your training programs

Collaborative learning strategies help employees to bring out the best in one another by creating an environment of learning where employees can learn from each other. To create a culture of collaboration and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your team—and that your team is getting the most out of one another, too. Read more!

4. Understanding the issues leaders are facing in a new era of work

Hybrid leadership has become increasingly popular in the face of change. The corporate culture of tomorrow must strive to provide a safe space for fresh ideas to flourish, which will help organizations build a robust talent pipeline. This makes it imperative for leaders to evolve their skillset in order to meet the needs of this new change.Read more!

5. Steps to help employees have better mental health

Work-related stress can be a major cause of occupational ill health and can result in reduced levels of performance and productivity, as well as physical ailments. This may also be accompanied by psychological effects such as loss of concentration, poor decision-making skills, anxiety and depression. Corporations need to focus on fostering mental health from an economic perspective, too, rather than just a social one. Read more!

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