1. Understanding the importance of inspiring performance

People in authority must inspire & engage their employees to work better & have a proper Performance Management System (PMS). Leaders who are transformational affect their employees’ growth & thinking magnificently and inspire them to cover new horizons daily.Read more!

2. Key ideas to create a good workplace environment

The biggest asset any organization has is its people! You can have great ideas, strategies, and good capital, but the one thing that you bet on is the people in an organization. While you can try hard to hire the right fit, what actually will pay dividends in the long run, is the collaborative effort towards providing the right environment and support to nurture that hire.Read more!

3. Why is it crucial to focus on employee experience

The global pandemic has forced companies to rethink the customer experience. And there are several factors that shape employee experience, including the formation and development of work-based connections and relationships. Thus, companies are taking a more comprehensive view of influencing it, recognizing the impact experience has on employee engagement and productivity.Read more!

4. Culture change in today’s knowledge economy: Everything you should know about it

Corporate culture constitutes the foundation of a supportive workplace to improve business success. It is important to inspire executives to create an effective culture change to meet and exceed the challenges of not only today but also what we see as the onset of new advances in the future.Read more!

4. Top skills to succeed in the new marketplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a substantial change in the marketplaces where previous routes don’t seem to be relevant anymore. Thus, businesses are finding new ways to outmanoeuvre the uncertainties and fit into the new normal.Read more!

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