1. Improve employees’ performance with meaningful feedback.

One of the most important things you can do for your employees is to provide them with meaningful feedback. It can help them improve their performance, and it’s also a powerful motivator. Read more!

2. Mental Contrasting: an effective goal achievement technique

Mental contrasting is a psychological visualization technique that enables you to achieve your goals by encouraging you to take the necessary steps towards them. It has been proven to be an effective goal achievement technique. Read more!

3. How job satisfaction & employee engagement are not two separate things

Job satisfaction & employee engagement are not two different/separate things; they are a part of the same circle and go hand in hand to move the wheel forward. However, it is important to understand that applying a one size fits all approach to create an engaged workforce can be detrimental to the organization & its employees. Read more!

4. Key factors to understand for talent retention in today’s time

The global pandemic has brought uncertainties in the business world. It is important to look at the talent ecosystem from a different perspective as organizations are surely struggling with strategies to retain high-quality and performing talent. Read more!

5. Key leadership qualities to better navigate more business uncertainties going forward

As India battles against the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative for every leader to find their most effective style of leading employees that cater to their business needs. Having a professional & compassionate leader possessing the necessary skill set to manage & operate the organization plays a major role in ensuring the success & growth of the company. Read more!

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