TOP 5 NEWS: MAY 2021

TOP 5 NEWS: MAY 2021

1. Culture transformation: A key to creating a better workplace.

Culture transformation in business is an opportunity & a responsibility. Leaders play a profound role in shaping and shepherding a culture. If you’re a leader, you have the opportunity and great responsibility to create the best environment for your people. Read more!

2. Performance management: The key to unlocking the door to personal excellence

One of the tactical areas that play a crucial role for all organizations to be successful in the post-COVID-19 era is an effective Performance Management System (PMS). The PMS should not be confused with the annual performance appraisal/evaluation/assessment. It is the process of identifying, measuring, managing & developing the performance of the employees in the organization. Read more!

3. Boost the D&I of your workforce to enjoy long term business benefits

Undoubtedly, improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) has become a boardroom prerogative, especially in times of COVID-19, where the corporate landscape is going through significant changes. Boosting the D&I of your workforce isn’t just the right thing to do but can also have positive effects on innovation, productivity, and market competitiveness. Read more!

4. Key trends to constantly re-imagine organizational learning at the workplace

The pandemic has pushed organizations to look for critical problem solvers who are agile, who can think out of the box, and also who can manage the crisis as & when required. Organizations need to constantly reinvent & reflect on their learning culture by engaging their employees in upskilling courses that will ultimately aid them in becoming resilient and job-ready for the future. Read more!

5. L&D: The rapid responders during the crisis

“Learning is at the heart of creating a responsive, resilient, and productive workforce.” L&D professionals have the ability to adapt quickly to change they good at being responsive to the needs of the business. Thus, they can use their skills to find new ways to support learning in the organizations. Read more!

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