TOP 5 NEWS: Sep 2022

TOP 5 NEWS: Sep 2022

1. Make your Team Ready for Employee Skills Development Challenge

Employee skill development is a hot topic, but it isn’t easy to do. Creating skill-building solutions engages learners and helps them meet the future of work. Therefore, organizations need to know what skills their people have, which ones they need, and how to teach those skills on the job. Read more!

2. Key Ways To “Future-Proof” Your Upskilling Training Programs

Training is a valuable investment in today’s changing markets, talent management needs and the ongoing integration of new technology and processes. Therefore, it is important to design and develop training in a way that maximizes return on investment (ROI) while remaining viable into the future. Read more!

3. Guide To Set a Realistic Employee Onboarding Budget

Boosting the ROI of your onboarding process can be challenging when you are trying to stick to a budget. However, by carefully planning your onboarding budget, you can make sure that there is enough money available for an effective onboarding process. Read more!

4. Enable, engage, and transform the workforce with technology!

Leadership development, upskilling, reskilling and virtual collaboration are core enablers of business. During the pandemic, as HR fostered close collaboration between leaders and their teams, designing jobs around new aspirations and lifestyles became necessary. Knowing what works best for each individual company, HR leaders must learn deep dive into technology and learn how to make it work for business.Read more!

5. Embracing technology & cultivating a culture in this increasingly hybrid working world

In many businesses, learning is viewed as a separate and unproductive activity. This perception needs to be changed. It is vital to be ultra-fast, super comfortable with technology and fast to react and connect those seeking help with sources of help. Read more!

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