1. How upskilling your maintenance workforce is beneficial?

Upskilling equips people with additional skills and knowledge. It enables employees to be better positioned, become more relevant at their current position, and be better prepared to occupy higher positions within their organization later in their careers. Read more!

2. Key tips to prevent transformation failures & harness the potential of mental fitness for your organization

People power is the starting point for all organizational change. The more resilient your workforce is, the better equipped they will be for a smooth transition from the old to the new without unnecessary confusion and disruption. Read more!

2. How to avoid remote work burnout?

This COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted employees’ life, and they struggle to separate between work and home. There are ways you can implement to ensure your employees disconnect while working from home. Read more!

3. 3 Critical aspects to transform corporate culture

As companies pick themselves up with this new working environment, they need to revamp their work culture in line with their core values and ensure that their corporate cultures are adaptable. Thus, it is crucial to focus on three critical aspects of corporate cultural transformation, i.e., talent, tech, and leadership. Read more!

3. Key tips to those attempting to pivot to a more strategic role

A single-person HR department often struggles with long lists of administrative tasks, but they’re likely to want more strategic work. Hr professionals need to prioritize agility and efficiency. There are key tips to help those who are attempting to get up from their desks and claim their seat at the proverbial table. Read more!

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