TOP 6 NEWS: May 2022

TOP 6 NEWS: May 2022

1. How caring about employees implies caring about climate change

Organisations that strive to be sustainable recognise that they are part of the community/environment. Similarly, employees live in the community/environment, and they bear the effects of climatic change even more directly than a business does. Read more!

2.3 Core ideas to put the idea of expecting the unexpected into action

Our brain is a powerful tool. It learns to anticipate future occurrences on the basis of patterns experienced in the past. This process is called “anticipatory timing,” and it enables us to interact with the world and make decisions on the go. It is our beliefs & experiences that drive what we anticipate in the future & how we react to them. Read more!

3.Global Capability Centres (GCC): The brain behind the future-ready enterprise

GCCs should focus on allowing purpose-driven growth by building a meaningful network in the industry, developing programmes that summarise learnings & best practices, and forming an internal pool of Business Service leaders & experts. Read more!

4.5 New leadership muscles for today’s environment

We are all subject to unconscious biases, underlying attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and even fears about other people/groups impacting our behavior. Some Leaders might think of people as robots, often placing people in fixed frames. But the truth is that people can grow dramatically, and so can leaders. Read more!

5.Guide to the future of work

Now is not the time to wait & see the future of work or get bogged down reacting to challenges as they arise. Now is the time to lead boldly into the future, bolstered by a framework that can flex to fit any circumstance. Read more!

6.The key development in the women’s labour market

As women skilfully continue to handle both work 7 home responsibilities, they are seen as the ones playing a key role in an organisation’s thirst for success and growth. This does not mean that challenges don’t plague the women’s labour market. Read more!

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