Frequently Asked Questions

Silver Brook offers over 700 programs in life, leadership, and business skills for various business verticals, as well as technology skills for all levels, from freshers to senior management.

While we are known for our industry leadership in Finance and Banking related Learning and Development, our courses cater to technology, retail, consumer goods, consulting, advisory services, turnkey projects, and other sectors as well. Our Life and Leadership programs are industry-agnostic and cater to universal leadership challenges.

Yes. Our 4D model of Discover, Design, Deliver, and Drive provides learning organizations with end-to-end customization. We use this model to analyze your organization’s skill and behavioral gaps, create contextualized learning content designed to transform into visible impact, deliver the learning program and monitor that the objectives are achieved, and finally, refine programs as per learning abilities. We use organization-specific case studies and data to help the learners relate to their work and implement their learnings faster.

Depending on the program, the number of modules, and the level of intensity required, they last from a few hours to a few days.

Yes. We offer in-house, online, as well as self-paced learning. Our exclusive Online Learning Management System (LMS) is core to what we do. We designed and refined it to deliver:

  1. Engaging learning environments through gamified, accessible, and intuitive multimedia content - live and recorded video, text, images, and more  - before, during, and after sessions.
  2. Quizzes for interactive assessment.
  3. Instant feedback after sessions to register learner satisfaction.
  4. Easy Accessibility for learning anywhere and anytime.
  5. E-certificates, to be given upon program completion.

Yes. Our facilitators bring over 700 human years of collective teaching and real-time industry experience and several hail from top management and leadership roles. They have conducted over 18,000 programs, helping over 425,000 professionals level up their skills and mindsets.

Yes. We end all training sessions with an action/sustenance plan for at least 21 days. We provide solutions for continuous learning through our AI-based coaching app SBNxT, available 24x7 that helps learners practice and reinforce newly learned skills through personalized, self-paced and gamified modules.

While the direct ROI of learning and development is hard to measure, we have statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness and engagement of our programs. 
We are proud to report that 80% of our customers have repeated programs with us in the past 5 years, and that 36% of our programs have been made mandatory by some of our clients. 
Of every 100 learners (and we have trained over 425,000 professionals), 94 recommend us to others, which gives us one of the highest NPS scores in the L&D sector.

You can contact the team through the following means. Our experts will assess your training gaps and design customized programs for you.

  • Telephone: + 1(646) 277-4422 (USA) and + 91 22 20888690/91 (India)
  • WhatsApp: +91 99870 29523 and +91 98201 03418
  • Email: (India)