In a world full of information, data, numbers, processes, codes, and scripts, the ability to catch the devil in the details is an essential business skill.

Silver Brook’s signature Eye for DetailTM program is a unique, experiential life-skills learning program backed by globally acclaimed research. It is based on the critical insight that attentiveness is a skill that can be perfected, not an unalterable character trait.

This program will help your teams develop the skills required to deliver optimum performance. Using a methodology of deep-diving and ‘always learning', this program will prepare you to eliminate product or service defects and develop a team-wide culture of excellence.


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What You Learn


Awareness that “Attention” is a trainable and perfectible skill.


Understand error types and grasp operational, financial, and business risks.


Attention management through being present in the moment to maximize focus.


Ability to identify and enhance things important to you and minimize unimportant things ('distractions').


“Getting it Right First Time, Every Time” approach towards understanding your task/goal.


Delivering and insisting on the highest standards through the "100% not 99%" (Zero Defects) approach to service/product delivery quality.


Perfecting analytical methods for foreseen and unforeseen defects.


Developing a personal standard of accountability through ‘ownership’ of the task. 

What You Get

Digital Badges

Digital Badges





Key Take Away Posters

Key Take Away Posters

EFD Workbook

EFD Workbook

Promo Videos

Promo Videos

One-to-one mentorship

One-to-one mentorship

YouTube Video Library

YouTube Video Library

This Is For You If

Eye for DetailTM is agnostic to your line of business or seniority since attention to detail is an essential skill for all.

You will learn through:

  1. Session on the significance of Attention to Detail and how it impacts you and your team.
  2. Scientifically designed exercises to measure your attention to detail.
  3. Hack session including the top 10 accuracy tips and top 10 excellence habits.
  4. Intense experience session to apply all the learning.

How You Benefit

Develop an Eye for DetailTM mindset to be proactively quality-oriented.

Master the 10 Principles of Eye for DetailTM.

Increase concentration by 30% to 60%.

Identify distractions and minimize them.

Recognize hidden cognitive skills and amplify them.

Apply the 3Cs of detail – Concentration, Consistency, and Checking.

Go from ‘concentration’ to ‘super-concentration’.

Build a personal culture of excellence in all aspects of life.

What You Shouldn’t Miss

Big-Picture Thinking

Big-Picture Thinking

Re-orient away from minute details to become a better leader adept at contributing to organizational strategy.
Building an Agile Mindset

Building an Agile Mindset

Adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and improve products and processes to ensure continuing success.
Building Your Personal Brand – Executive Presence

Building Your Personal Brand – Executive Presence

Build your personal brand to improve your perception and gain recognition for your skills and contributions.

The Silver Brook Advantage

End-to-End Program Management

Every program is managed end to end by the SB team through reminders, attendance, assignments, mentorships, and tests.

Going the Extra Mile

Each program is designed and delivered with a focus on maximizing learning outcomes and achieving the terminal objectives.

The Personal Touch

Our programs are tailor-made to our partner organizations and their individual learners.

Integration across Disciplines

Programs across Life Skills, Leadership, Business, and Technology for all industry sectors.

Why Learn from

Silver Brook


programs conducted in just 17 years.


of our clients are Fortune 500 companies.


out of 100 learners recommend our programs to others (NPS score).


professionals have leveled up their skills and mindsets.


of our programs are mandatory for some clients’ employees.


of clients repeat our programs.


years of collective experience in planning and upskilling.


Facilitators come from top management and leadership roles.


countries and growing…

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